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L'abbé Pierre the movie


I have been to the cinema watching l'abbé Pierre. A biopic of his life.

I was waiting for a great film and I came away with some disappointments. The quality The image was not always very good. This may have been due to the à because of the special effects (filters to make you think of an era). But in addition there were really lengths. More than 2 hours with no action. I admit I felt bored; sometimes.

Fortunately the character  of l'abbé Pierre was quite realistic. This pushes you to read the Wikipedia entry on the character and learn things.  A fiery dreamer and utopian who wants to change the world.

For example it was vice president of the universal movement for  a global confederationand participated at the Montreux congress on August 27 to 31, 1947. In 1966, he launched with international personalities a call for register in the International Register of World Citizens.

Obviously we know the abbé Pierre for the Emmaus movement This movement is a secular organization fighting against exclusion. Emmaüs communities finance themselves through the sale of recycled materials and objects and build housing

 On February 1, 1954, he launched a memorable call on the radio-Luxembourg , which became famous under the name « Call from the abbé Pierre ». With the money collected à following his call for help radio, he built emergency cities

 L’abbé Pierre died on January 22, 2007. He was aged 94 years old



Memory of Britany holiday of 2022


It was in July 2022 north of Britany France . The coast is named Pink granit coast. Do you understand why ?


Stonehaven Scotland



Stonehaven is situated in the North East Scotland at the cost. It is this charming little town located just south of Aberdeen, it's pretty as a picture. With its picturesque harbor and stunning coastal views, it's no wonder why people flock to this place. 


Travel in Scotland


Last day Edinbourg

Edimbourg traditional music in traditional cloth

A Shop of scotish wiskey sell very expensive wisky